Thursday, 7 November 2013

PRESENT CONTINUOUS (elementary worksheet, activities and videos)

Do you REALLY think that using the Present Continuous tense is complicated? I bet you'll change your mind after a little bit of practice.

Here is Mr Bean to help you start.

Download this worksheet if you think you need some extra practice:

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It's your turn now!
Watch this video ant tell: What is the Pink Panther doing?

Imagine now:

Your best friend has to stay in bed because she has a broken leg. You are keeping her company. After a while you decide to take a look outside the window. Something strange is happening on the street. You tell your friend every single detail.

What is going on?

Some possible ideas:
  • a thief grabs a woman's handbag and runs away
  • your boyfriend meets a girl and is very affectionate towards her
  • there is a car accident 
  • describe the passers-by

And a song for you:

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