Books! Books! Books!

  1. The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl (You can download it in PDF format)
  2. The Duck in the Gun by Joy Cowley (a funny story for kids, nicely illustrated. Intermediate)
  3. Three Little Kittens  (intermediate)
  4. The Amazing Adventures of Equiano by Jean-Jacques Vayssières (intermediate)
  5. Holes by Louis Sachar  (downloadable)
  6. Energy Sources: The Pros and Cons (It downloads automatically as you enter the site)
  7. Feasts and Festivals by Patrick Yee  (intermediate)
  8. Dinosaurs I have known by Barry Louis Polisar  (funny!! intermediate)
  9. How Did We Get Here and Other Stories  (intermediate)
  10. Apple Pie by Kate Greenaway (elementary)
  11. A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys   (stories of ancient Greek mythology retold by Nathaniel Hawtorne, advanced)
  12. The Boy Without a Name by Idries Shah  (Both in English and Spanish with audio in both languages, intermediate)
  13. Alexander the Great by Pavlos Valassakis  (higher intermediate)
  14. The Adventures of Ulysses by Charles Lamb  (advanced)
  15. The Arabian Nights (advanced)
  16. The Aesop for Children (adults will love his fables, too! Advanced)
  17. Alice in Wonderland  by Lewis Carroll (retold in words of one syllable by Mrs. J. C. Gorham)
  18. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (advanced)
  19. The Illustrated Alphabet of Birds  (easy-to-read rhymes, lower intermediate)
  20. The Cries of London (published in 1821) Read the words of the people in London streets
  21. The World Turned Upside Down (silly prints and funny rhymes, probably published in 1820, advanced)
  22. The Blue Sky by Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic  (intermediate, lovely illustrations by the author)
  23. Little Cinderella (published in 1858)
  24. The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning  (a classic tale. Advanced)
  25. It Takes a Village by Jane Cowen-Fletcher  (a story for young teanagers, lower intermediate)
  26. The Alien by Anthony Mwangi  (comic format, lower intermediate)
  27. Little Red Riding Hood (published in 1910, intermediate)
  28. The Iliad for Boys and Girls (a version of Homer's book published in 1907, intermediate)
  29. Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving  (advanced)
  30. Heidi by Joanna Spyri  (advanced)
  31. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (advanced)
  32. Who Killed Cock Robin?  (nursery rhymes, advanced)
  33. Sydney and the Sea Monster by David Elliot  (for young children, intermediate)
  34. Peculiar Zoo by Barry Louis Polisar  (funny poems about animals for young children, intermediate)
  35. Maori Legends for Young New Zealanders by Katarina Mataira (11 Maori legends, advanced)
  36. Stories from Hans Christian Andersen (advanced)
  37. Humpty Dumpty by W.W. Denslow (intermediate)
  38. Croaking Johnny and Dizzy Lizzy by Linda Gambril (for children, upper intermediate)
  39. Miss Tiny  by Linda Gambrill (young teenagers, intermediate)
  40. Going Downtown and Other Rhymes by Khoo Kim Choo (for kids, intermediate)

Elementary resources
  1. (great site)
  2. (cartoons and comics with sound)
  3. (217 fairy tales, with sound)
  4. (stories for children) I
  5. (stories for children) II
  6.  (stories for children) III
  7. (for kids, must register)
  8.  (for very young kids)
  9.   (audiobooks for young students)
  10. (animated books for very young students)
  11. (short stories for beginning readers)
  12.  (read, listen and print)

Intermediate resources
  1.  (graded readers)
  2.  (animated books)
  3.  (classic tales, illustrated)

Advanced resources
  1. (excellent site)
  2. (excellent site, almost all authors)
  3.  (a book for children, advanced level)
  4.  (best sellers)
  5.  (romance)
  6.  (read and listen - 2 different speeds)
  7.  (word format)

Sites for all levels
  1.    (Excellent library, especially for children and young teenagers. All books are beautifully illustrated. You can read books in English and many other languages) DON'T MISS IT!
  2.  (lots of books for different levels. Excellent)
  3.  (flip books for kids)
  4.  (must register)
  5.  (illustrated books, various levels)
  6. (registration required)
  7. (registration required)


  1.  (hundreds of books of all genres)
  2. 1984 (George Orwell)  (read and listen - 2 different speeds)
  3. Animal Farm (George Orwell)  (read and listen - 2 different speeds)
  4. The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Andersen)  (audio and text)
  5. The Emperor's New Clothes (Hans Christian Andersen) (audio and text)
  6. (lots of audiobooks - no text, you must purchase that. For all levels of ESO - Spain)
  7. (Excellent. Downloadable material. Teacher notes and exercises included)
  8. (advanced. No text)


  1. (lots of animated stories)
  2. The Fox and the Grapes
  3. The Elves and the Shoemaker (elementary)
  4. (celebrities read stories for children)
  5. (English talking books. Go through the list on the right for more stories)


  1.  (study guides of different books)
  2.  (read a book and think of it, for younger students)

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