Sunday, 27 October 2013

HALLOWEEN MAKE-UP: Parts of the face (intermediate video and activities)

Do you remember this animated fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson? It was released in 2005.

(Did you know that Johnny Depp was the voice behind Victor?)

If you liked it, maybe you'll want to look like Emily this Halloween. If so, follow these instructions, step by step!

Write down all the body parts you can hear. How many are mentioned?

Watch the video again (this time with subtitles) and check if your answers were correct:

(Activate the English subtitles by clicking  on Choose Language (bottom left) and then English 100%).

I bet you noticed that some parts of the face were mentioned once and again but they didn't appear in the subtitles. That's because they didn't refer to parts of the body, they were different types of make-up or accessories

Do you think you can get them?
Let's go for it!

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