Saturday, 1 June 2013


I'm sure you know this artist, even though so many years have passed since her death. 

Have you seen any of her films? Could you mention one? Perhaps not, but surely you have seen her image hundreds of times or have, at least, heard her name.

Marilyn was a very popular American actress in the fifties. Her real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, and was born on the 1st of June, 1926. Her beauty and charm made some call her "an angel", for most she was a sex symbol. The camera was "in love" with her and never failed to capture a perfect image, which made her one of the most admired and even adored actresses of all times. She started a career as a model, but her seductiveness soon drew the attention of the film industry. She starred in numerous successful pictures.

She used to smile for the cameras, but her eyes showed her frailty. She had it all, beauty, talent, fame and money, love, and an intense life. Still, this was not enough and she took her own life at the age of thirty-six. Extraordinary as she was in many ways, not even Marilyn could escape suffering and disappointment. She sought relief in drugs and alcohol, until one day, in the summer of 1962, she died.

Marilyn is considered an icon of pop culture, as reflected by Andy Warhol's portrait of her, made in 1964, two years after her death. Do you know it?

Here are some scenes from one of her movies:

And some more images of the actress and her home:

It's your turn now to find out more information about Marilyn Monroe.
  • Find out some biographical facts (city of birth, early life, family, etc).
  • Name at least three of her films.
  • Who was Andy Warhol? Tell us about him.
  • Can you find the true Marilyn among these celebrities impersonating her? 
  • Can you name them?

And finally...

Who is Marilyn? I bet you guessed it!

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