Monday, 10 June 2013

Cinderella. ROALD DAHL (advanced)

A classic story from a new perspective. Don't miss a second!

(You can activate the English subtitles by clicking  on Choose Language (bottom left) and then English 100%).

  1. Now, where does the difference lie?
  2. Is this new Cinderella as adorable as the old one? 
  3. I want... I wanna... says Cinderella to the fairy. What exactly does she want? Make a list.
  4. What happened at midnight? (what a horrible scene!)
  5. Can you tell the difference between a cute shoe and the one an ugly sister would wear?
  6. How much can a shoe tell about its wearer?
  7. How many heads fall in the story?
  8. Why is Cindy not pleased with the prince of her dreams?
  9. In the end, she is happy, or... is she?

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