Friday, 2 October 2015

WORK (all levels)

Watch these scenes from a classic movie which was written, directed and starred by Charles Chaplin in 1936: Modern Times.

  1. What are the working conditions depicted in the film?
  2. Do you know the name of the kind of work that is being done?
  3. Do you think those workers have job satisfaction? 
  4. Are those skilled or unskilled workers?
  5. Are they white collar workers or blue collar workers?
  6. What qualifications are needed?
  7. Would you say that job is well-paid?
  8. Do you think the workers have opportunities for promotion?
  9. What are their working hours?
  10. Do they probably have to do overtime?
  11. Do they work full time or part time?
  12. Do you consider the job challenging or repetitive and monotonous?
  13. Do you think the job is stressful?
  14. Would you say those images are a thing of the past?

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