Friday, 16 May 2014

JENNIFER LOPEZ (intermediate)

Watch the following video and try to answer the questions below.

  1. What is the meaning of these expressions?

  • "no price tag is too pricey"
  • "no luxury is too luxurious"
  • "only the best is good enough"
  • "mind boggling material possessions"
  1. What does Jennifer mean with "my own personal glam squad"?
  2. What is "first class pampering"?
  3. What do you know about Creme de La Mer? What is it?
  4. Why is Jennifer Lopez called "an economy in herself"?
  5. What is the meaning of the sentence "her assistants are at her beck and call"?
  6. Name some of Jennifer Lopez's assistants.
  7. Explain the meaning of "it takes a village keeping J. Lo looking the way she looks".
  8. What is a "dream team of the beauty industry"?
  9. Why is J. Lo's makeup sometimes priceless?
  10. Explain the meaning of "24/7".
  11. What kind of decoration does Jennifer Lopez ask for in hotels?
  12. What is a food-and-water dish for?
  13. Find the meaning of "flawless diamonds".
  14. Which brand of cars is J. Lo's favourite?
  15. How does she shop for clothes?
  16. What kind of fur does she prefer?
  17. What products does Jennifer Lopez commercialize?
  18. Explain the meaning of "she's so sizzling hot".
  19. What fields of industry did she explore?

Listen to one of her hits.

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