Thursday, 26 September 2013


One of the best teachers I have ever had used to say that learning a new language is like knocking down a barrier in front of you and opening a new path. He helped me to learn English and many others to learn other languages, as he could speak seven different ones. 

Learning a new language opens a whole new world of possibilities. That's why this day encourages Europeans to use multiple languages in an attempt to promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe. 

Take the challenge, there is such a wide variety of sounds and even alphabets! A new language will allow you to take a look at life from a different angle and see the way others view the same concepts, sometimes so similarly and still others so differently.

Here is an interesting site created by the Council of Europe where you can discover lots of amazing facts and enjoy many different activities.

This is an image of what you'll find:

Give it a try!

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