Saturday, 2 March 2013

BEST IDEA EVER! (intermediate)

Watch this video and answer the following questions:

  1. Look at the man: do you think he lives in our times? Why / Why not?
  2. Who can the man be? Can you guess? Pay attention to the clues.
  3. What is he doing at the beginning of the video? Where is he?
  4. What falls on his head?
  5. What does he do then? Is he angry?
  6. What do you think he is writing?
  7. Why does he run? Is he afraid?
  8. What is his wonderful idea? Was he successful with it?
  9. But he has a second idea, even better this time! What is it? How does it occur to him?
Oh, no! Poor guy...

Now that you know his name, find out why he is well-known and all the details you can share with your classmates.

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