Sunday, 15 April 2012


  Watch her display of table manners. What do you think?      

Click on dotsub to see the video with subtitles.

Here are some questions for you! Can you answer them?
  1. What is she going to eat?
  2. What is she going to drink?
  3. Do you know the difference between HOLDING and GRABBING? In which of the two ways does she take her glass?
  4. Is it a good idea to make noises while you chew your food?
  5. What can you do with your knife and fork if you don't have as much food on your plate as you want?
  6. What is step number three about?
  7. Are you supposed to mix food and drink in your mouth?
  8. What can you do when you have a lot of food in your mouth and you want to say something?
  9. Now, do you eat like that?

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